The waters around Ekenäs are known for good fishing. You can catch big pikes as well as perch and pike-perch.

Ormnäs Camping rents both rowing- and motorboats.

Fishing permits

Everyone between ages 18 to 64 fishing with lures have to pay a provincial fishing fee and a fishing management fee. Angling and jigging are both everymans rights, no feeds needed. The fees can be bought at the nearest R-Kioski, or at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry webshop.

Rowing boats: 25€/day


Linder 440 Fishing 55€/day (5hp)


The boats are in general rented to camping or cottage guests. You can also use your own engine.

Fishing management fee

22€ / year or 7€ / week

Lure fishing fee

29€ / year or 7€ / week